• margarita machine and supplies



    per day

    Margarita Machine And Supplies

    • Serve your guests with amazing cold drinks by renting the Margarita Machines, flavors and cones
    • Good for upto 30 kids party
    • We will set it up and start the first batch for you
    1-bowl margarita machine

    1-bowl Margarita Machine

    $101.00 View

    margarita package

    Margarita Package

    $131.00 View

    frozen drink flavors and rimmer

    Frozen Drink Flavors And Rimmer

    $14.95 View

  • pop-corn machine and packages



    per day

    Pop-corn Machine And Packages

    • Let this popcorn setup amaze the kids and adults in your family, and serve them hot popcorn on the go!
    • Rent machines or packages that include servings, bags and raw materials
  • snow cone package


    per day

    Snow Cone Package

    • Item: 1 Sno-Cone Machine (table top), flavors, cones
    • Good for 100 6oz. servings
  • cotton candy package


    per day

    Cotton Candy Package

    • Kids love picking up the the floss from this cotton candy machine on the go!
    • Package includes cotton candy machine (table top), flavors and cones
    • Good for 100 6oz. servings
  • hot dog steamer


    per day

    Hot Dog Steamer

    • Item: 1 Hot Dog Steamer
    • Good for a party of 25-30 people
  • nachos & cheese warmer


    per day

    Nachos & Cheese Warmer

    • High quality warmer for Nachos & Cheese
    • Ideal for a party of 25-30 people