• pole tents



    per day

    Pole Tents

    • Item: Pole Tents, including installation
    • Sizes & Styles: 10x10, 10x20, 10x30, 10x40, 20x20, 40x40, 40x100, walls, open, see-through
    10x10 pole tent

    10x10 Pole Tent

    $150.00 View

    10x20 pole tent

    10x20 Pole Tent

    $300.00 View

    10x30 pole tent

    10x30 Pole Tent

    $450.00 View

    20x40 pole tent

    20x40 Pole Tent

    $600.00 View

    water barrel

    Water Barrel

    $12.50 View

    water barrel cover

    Water Barrel Cover

    $5.00 View

    pole tent wall (per sqft)

    Pole Tent Wall (Per Sqft)

    $2.50 View

  • canopies



    per day


    • Easy set-up Pop-up Canopies & grand events Fiesta Canopies
    • Sizes & Styles: 10x10, 20x20, 20x30, walls, open, see-through
  • tables



    per day


    • Kids and Adult tables and covers of various sizes
    • Round, Rectangular, 4ft, 6ft and 8ft tables
  • chairs



    per day


    • Chairs of various kinds and colors
    • White folding, Chiavari, Kids, Wooden, Bar Stools
  • pop-corn machine and packages



    per day

    Pop-corn Machine And Packages

    • Let this popcorn setup amaze the kids and adults in your family, and serve them hot popcorn on the go!
    • Rent machines or packages that include servings, bags and raw materials
  • nachos & cheese warmer


    per day


    Nachos & Cheese Warmer

    • High quality warmer for Nachos & Cheese
    • Ideal for a party of 25-30 people
  • hot dog steamer


    per day


    Hot Dog Steamer

    • Item: 1 Hot Dog Steamer
    • Good for a party of 25-30 people
  • patio heater


    per day


    Patio Heater

    • Item: 1 Patio Heater
    • Good for a party of 25-30 people