• raffle drum



    per day

    Raffle Drum

    • Select from 2 sizes of raffle drum
    • Randomly mix entry forms, tickets, and other types of ballots
    • Ideal: For a party raging from 20 to upto 300 people
    small raffle drum

    Small Raffle Drum

    $39.00 View

    large raffle drum

    Large Raffle Drum

    $53.00 View

    giant raffle drum

    Giant Raffle Drum

    $79.00 View

    raffle tickets roll

    Raffle Tickets Roll

    $9.99 View

  • kids games



    per day

    Kids Games

    • Select from 5 amazing kids games
    • Indoor/Outdoor setup, single and multi-player games
    • Ideal: For kids aged 5 to 12
  • balloons



    per day


    • Balloon bouquets and inflated Balloons
    • Colored, printed or specific theme balloons
    • Size: 11in.